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A short History of the Pheifer family from Friesland

Below you’ll find a link to documents that describe the history of the Pheifer family from the province of Friesland in the Netherlands.

We are all descendants of Matthis Pfeiffer (1599) from Aschersleben in Eastern Germany.

His great grandson Daniël Pfeiffer emigrated in 1732 to the province of Friesland in the Netherlands. Daniël Pfeiffer’s grandson Daniël Johannes, the forefather of all present day Pheifer’s, registered his name in 1812 as Pheiffer (even though he himself wrote his name as Peiffer). Later Pheiffer’s dropped another f.

Daniël Johannes’s descendants now have different branches in the Netherlands (Leeuwarden, Eindhoven, Groningen and Sneek),  in the USA and in Australia.

The history of the family is written in a pdf-document. It contains short stories per generation and charts of descendants. The document has a layout so, if you take the file to a copy shop to print, it makes a nice double paged little book.

A separate pdf-document provides the full chart of 12 generation descendants of Matthis Pfeiffer, but for some families even 14 generations!

Available pictures have been published on the internet in Picasa Webalbums.

All the information was gathered by my father Harke Pheifer (1920-2006), see picture below.

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